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For all owners of yachts, please be informed that rules and regulations are changing in the UAE and Dubai, all boat, yachts, and crew have to comply with these new rules which are originating from the International Maritime Organisation, implemented by the national Transposrt Authority of the UAE, enforced by Port State Control.

In short it simply means that captain and crew have to be proper certified to ensure safety at sea.

For every one working at sea it means that they need to have minimum STCW Basic Safety Training.

For the Captain it means next to this depending on the size of the yacht, Yacht Master (up to 24 meter / 80ft) or Master STCW (above 24 meter / 80ft).

From our side we can help you by training your crew, we offer the following training, by which after successfull passing the examination crew will hold certificates issued by the Panama Maritime Authority. (Panama is a "white" flagstate and extremely well excepted by other flag states world wide)

  • Yacht Master training and examination (included COC after passing) 18.000aed
  • STCW Basic Safety Training 3500aed
  • Seaman Book can be issued together with the above training at additional costs

Minimum requirement for enrolling Yacht Master training

  • RYA or IYT powerboat 2, for minimum 6 months
  • STCW Basic Safety Training
  • Medical Certificate, as per directions of Panama Maritime Authority















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